Hookah: Experience a new way of smoking

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Hookah: from 15th century to modern day

Hookah originated in India during the 15th century made its way to the United States in the past 20 years. The Persians made the hookah popular by using as an instrument to smoke dark leafed tobacco.  Today you can buy a wide verity of hookah ranging from $40 to $250. At Kc Smokz we carry a wide verity of hookahs that fit any budget.


Hookah is made up of 5 major parts the head, stem, hose, valve and the bowl. The head of the hookah is where you put the “shisha” or flavored tobacco. At KcSmokz we sell a wide verity of flavored tobacco to satisfy every taste. The middle part of the hookah is called the stem; the stem is used as a handle to move hookah from one place to the other. The bottom part of the hookah is the bowl where water is added to facilitate the smoke. Towards the middle on the hookah you can find the hose where the smoke comes out and a valve for controlling the amount of smoke.   Now let’s talk about how to smoke hookahs.  Place the shisha in the bowl and cover it with aluminum foil. Place some holes on the foil to allow heat to pass though. The next thing you need to do is heat the coal and place in on top of the ceramic bowl that holds the shisha. Although there are wide variety of coals available for hookahs the most common once are made from coconut  shell which burns cleaner and faster.  Once the heat is generated form the coal you need to inhale hard on the hose to generate circulation. Make sure to use the valve to control the amount at smoke coming out of the hookah. Now you are all set to enjoy your form KCSmokz .

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