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The holidays are over and most of us are back to work but the good news is that KC Smokz smoke shop will be open after you get off work so that you can chill out after a rough first week back on the job. At KC Smokz smoke shop at 3957 Broadway in Kansas City, we know that the holidays can be exhausting and stressful which is why if you are a smoker or vaper, you can always rely on us to get the smoking and vaping accessories you need to chill out at discount prices that can’t be beat. For heady glass pipe lovers, KC Smokz smoke shop has hundreds of the best hand blown and one of a kind pipes from top glass pipe makers like Dank Glass, Crown Glass, Lookah dab rigs, Grav Labs. American Glass and many more and all at prices other Westport and Kansas City head shops can’t come close to beating. Plus, if you need replacement parts for your current glass piece, KC Smokz has got everything you’ll need to puff tuff all through the winter months in Kansas City. We carry every style and size of dab nail, titanium nails, bong stems, glass pipe joints, pipe screens, glass pipe cleaner and anything else you might need to make your bong or dabs rigs hits consistent and solid everyday.

Vape Shops in Kansas City

KC Smokz smoke shop has the all new Pax 3 vaporizers in stock!
Looking for Dank Glass pipes? KC Smokz smoke shop in Kansas City has them!

But we know not everyone likes glass pipes, hookahs, dab rigs and bongs which is why KC Smokz smoke shop is also a full on vape shop with everything you’ll need no matter how or what you like to vape. Our KC smoke shop carries all of the big names in e-cigarettes from iStick, Kanger, Joyeteck, Smok, eLeaf and more and at prices that you won’t find anywhere else at other Kansas City vape shops and we have all of the vaping supplies to match. Choose from the latest in vape liquids from the top rated e-liquids in the world from Cosmic Fog, Cuttwood, Space Jam and even some locally made vape juice by Evolution created right here in Kansas City. Plus, KC Smokz has replacement vape coils, bottles, atomizers, vape mods and even replacement batteries for you e-cigarette in every size for every make and model. No one sells e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories for less in Westport and Kansas City so if you sick and tired of overpaying at other vape shops then stop into KC Smokz smoke shop for a real treat. KC Smokz smoke shop also has the latest vaporizers and vape pens for herb herbal and wax smokers for every budget. These multi-use vaporizers are a dram come true for herbal and dab smokers that like to take their smoke on the road with them but hate the inconvenience of dragging around a pipe, lighter and their herb. Dry herb and multi-use vapes are perfect because all you have to do is load them up, make sure they are charged and you can get your herbal smoke on anywhere with these vaporizers. Right now, our top-selling multi-use vaporizers has been the all new Pax 3 vaporizers which has been featured in Gizmodo as being one of the most innovative and reliable dry herbal and wax vaporizers ever made. With a 10 year warranty and everything you’ll need to start vaping right away, the Pax 3 vaporizers kit comes complete with attachments for both loose leaf herb vaping as well as dab/concentrate/wax vaping and can be switched up in a matter of seconds. The Pax 3 vaporizer also comes with its own cleaning kit because we are sure that you will use it enough to where things will eventually get messy. No matter what you like to smoke or vape in Kansas City you will always find the best selection of pipes, vapes, e-cigs and smoking/vaping supplies for less at KC Smokz smoke shop and vape shop. Stop overpaying for heady glass and herbal smoking supplies and stop by our smoke shop located at 3957 Broadway in the heart of Kansas City: Westport. We are open 7 days a week including evenings for your convenience.

KC Smokz is Kansas City’s Discount Smoke Shop, Vape Shop and Head Shop in Westport!

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