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If you don’t like the weather in Kansas City just wait a day or so and this weekend is a perfect example. With the warm spring-like weather in February we have seen lately and the drop in temperatures for the weekend it might be a good time to stop by KC Smokz smoke shop at 3957 Broadway in Westport and stock up on smoking and vaping supplies for a chilly weekend. No matter what or how you like to smoke or vape you will always find everything you need and more at our smoke shop, vape shop and head shop and no one beats our prices in Kansas City and Westport guaranteed.

Smoke Shop and Head Shop Near Kansas City

If you like heady glass pipes then you are going to LOVE KC Smokz smoke shop because we carry the biggest and baddest selection of glass pipes, dab rigs, hookahs, chillums, bubblers and any type of herbal smoking pipes you can think of in the greater Kansas City area but at a glass-bongs-smoke-shop-head-shop-Kansas-CItyfraction of the cost that other head shops charge. It’s no big secret how we keep our smoke shop prices so low on the biggest names in heady glass pipes like Dank Glass, Lookah and more, we simply buy everything in our smoke shop in bulk at a lesser cost per glass piece and pass that savings onto our customers. While other smoke shops and vape shops in Westport may tell you that KC Smokz only sells cheap, knock-off glass pipes they are essentially full of shit and everything in their store is the same but WAY overpriced. We talk to new customers all of the time that tell us that the sale glass pipes are priced astronomically higher at other Westport-Kansas-City-smoke-shop-head-shop-vape-shopWestport and Kansas City smoke shops and vape shops that claim to be “a dream” but in reality they are more like a nightmare. Plus, you don’t have to drive all over town anymore if you need e-cigarettes, vape juice or any type of vaporizer for whatever type of vaping your are after because KC Smokz has got it all and at prices you aren’t going to find at any other vape shop in Westport or Kansas City. KC Smokz carries the biggest and best reviewed vapes from all types of vapers including dry herbal vaporizer which allow you to take your herbal smoke with you while you are on the go without the need for a pipe or a lighter for that matter. If it vapes or you want to vape it, KC Smokz smoke shop and vape shop has got just what you need and at discount prices that can’t be beat. No matter what you have planned this weekend in Kansas City, you better hope is something warm and, as always, if you need a solid smoke shop, vape shop or head shop come to KC Smokz because we are all three and more. We are conveniently located at 3957 Broadway in the heart of KC: Westport. Have a great weekend!

KC Smokz is Kansas City’s Discount Smoke Shop, Vape Shop and Head Shop in Westport!

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