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It’s springtime in Kansas City and if you want to GET YOUR SMOKE AND VAPE ON for less in Westport stop into KC Smokz smoke shop, head shop and vape shop at 39th and Broadway. From the biggest glass water pipes that are literally measured in feet to pocket sized chillum glass pipes, KC Smokz smoke shop, head shop and vape shop in Westport is Kansas City’s source for the latest and best in all heady glass at discounted prices.

Smoke Shop, Vape Shop and Head Shop in Kansas City


No other Westport smoke shops offer the selection of heady glass pipes and no head shops can even come close to matching our prices. If you are more into vaping (e-liquids, wax or herbal), KC Smokz is also a full service vape shop with the latest vaporizers and e-cigarettes from Snoop Dogg, Atmos, Playboy and Dr. Dabber just to name a few. At KC Smokz smoke shop, head shop and vape shop in Westport, we don’t care what you smoke or vape, we just like to help smokers and vapers enjoy it more with the best in smoking and vaping supplies at discounted prices that simply cannot be beat by other KC smoke shops. KC Smokz smoke shop at 39th and Broadway is a mix of an old school head shop with glass water pipes and more, a vape shop for the modern vaper, and an overall smoke shop offering wholesale prices on all things smoking and vaping. Stop paying less than dreamy prices for high quality glass pipes, vaporizers, e-cigarettes and more when KC Smokz smoke shop, head shop and vape shop has it all for less! KC Smokz is located in the heart of Westport in the best city in the world, Kansas City! GET YOUR SMOKE AND VAPE ON for spring!

KC Smokz Smoke Shop, Head Shop and Vape Shop in Westport – Kansas City

3957 Broadway Blvd

Kansas City, MO 64111

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