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Let’s face it. Wednesday’s typically aren’t the big party day like a Friday or Saturday night in Kansas City but at KC Smokz smoke shop at 3957 Broadway in Westport you can always get over the hump of hump day with the biggest selection of smoking and vaping accessories and supplies in KC at prices that won’t screw up your weekly budget. No matter what you like to smoke or vape in Kansas City or Westport KC Smokz is your one-stop smoke and vape shop featuring the best and brightest in glass pipes, vaporizers, e-cigarettes and everything you would expect a good smoke shop, vape shop and head shop to have. In other words, KC Smokz smoke shop in Kansas City has it all!

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Westport-Kansas-City-smoke-shop-vape-shopIf you haven’t been into KC Smokz lately or you have never visited our store, you are in for a real treat because in the past few weekssmoke-shop-shops-in-Kansas-City-KC-KCMO-Westport-smoking-pipes we have added hundred of the best heady glass pipes from the top names in glass pipe makers like Dark Glass, Crown Glass, American Glass, Grav Labs, Lookah and many more to our smoke shop in all sizes and styles that will sure to please our herbal and wax smoking customers and fans. But what really makes our customers smile is that KC Smokz doesn’t ever charge retail prices for our dab rigs, water pipes, bongs and any glass or smoking pipe in our store like the other Kansas City smoke shops charge. Because we are also a wholesale smoke shop, head shop and vape shop and sell our wares to multiple other stores in the Kansas City area, we pass on the savings that we get by buying all of our pipes, vapes, e-cigs and smoking supplies in bulk at a lesser price per piece onto our customers. You will be hard pressed to find better quality glass pipes, dab rigs, hookahs or any type of smoking pipe you might need in Kansas City at prices lower than KC Smokz because it simply does not exist. KC Smokz smoke shop’s friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect pipe for whatever you like to smoke and we have all of the glass pipe and dab rig accessories you might need to keep your bong rips rolling smooth like dab nails, titanium nails, butane torches and glass pipe joints and pretty much anything you might need to keep your head in the clouds at prices that won’t drag you down. At KC Smokz smoke shop and head shop, our sole purpose is to help you get the most for your hard-earned money when it comes to smoking and vaping accessories, supplies and devices and make it happen like magic everyday for our customers. Get outside and enjoy this unseasonably mile weather in November and stop by Kansas City’s KC Smokz smoke shop, head shop and vape shop at 3957 Broadway in Westport for the best pipes, vapes and smoking accessories at discount prices. See you soon!

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