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If you know the meaning of 420 and you like to smoke and vape in Kansas City then KC Smokz smoke shop a 3957 Broadway is where you need to be in Westport. Unlike most of the smoke shops in Kansas City, KC Smokz keeps our shelves stocked with the latest in heady glass pipes, vaporizers, e-cigs and anything and everything to do with smoking and we keep our prices super low. When smokers and vapers walk smoke-shop-vape-shop-in-Kansas-City-Westportinto a smoke shop in Kansas City, chances are get a little sticker shock at some of the prices but at KC Smokz we shop the competition and make sure that we have the exact same pipes, vapes, and more only at the lowest prices possible for our customers. The same glass pipes that other smoke shops and head shops sell in Westport and Kansas City cost up to 70% less at our smoke shop! That’s a big difference if you are on a budget and you can always rely on KC Smokz to have the latest and greatest in smoking and vaping supplies and accessories at discount prices that are smoke-shops-in-Kansas-City-KC-KCMO-Westportlowest anywhere in the metro. At KC Smokz, we know that the other Kansas City smoke shops will try to tell you that we sell knock-off, cheap pipes, vaporizers and e-cigs but that simply is not the case. In fact, our smoke shop carries the exact same brand name heady glass pipes, dab rigs, hookahs, bongs and chillums that other 420 shops do in the metro only we sell it all for less. Choose from Dank Glass, Lookah, Grav Labs. Crown Glass and many more masters of glass pipe making at a fraction of the cost that other Westport and KC smoke shops charge. Plus, we have all of the herbal pipe accessories you’ll need like dab nails, butane torches, herb grinders and even pipe screens to keep your smoking experience as smooth as silk. If you are sick of paying outrageous prices for vaporizers and vaping accessories then KC Smokz smoke shop has got everything you need and just like our pipes, our vapes are the lowest priced in town. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and you most certainly don’t have to pay an arm and leg at our smoke shop in Kansas City because we simply have it all for less all day everyday. We are Kansas City’s one shop smoke shop and we invite you come see the difference for yourself. KC Smokz is open 7 days a week including evenings for your convenience and is located at 3957 Broadway in the heart of KC: Westport. Stop by and see us soon!

KC Smokz is Kansas City’s Discount Smoke Shop, Vape Shop and Head Shop in Westport!

KC Smokz Smoke Shop and Vape Shop in Kansas City – Westport

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