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It’s hard to go back to work on Monday especially after a fun weekend in Kansas City! If you were out at Arrowhead or you were just partying hard at a watch party, chances are you are dragging this Monday and at KC Smokz smoke shop at 3957 Broadway in Kansas City, we get it, which is why we are open and ready to help you smoke and vape your case of the Mondays away.

Smoke Shop and Head Shop in Kansas City

smoke-shop-head-shop-vape-shop-Kansas-City-Westport-dab-rigsKansas-City-KC-KCMO-smoke-shop-heady-glass-pipesAt KC Smokz, we carry what Kansas City smokers and vapers love only we sell everything in our smoke shop at fraction of what the other Westport and KC smoke shops and vape shops charge. KC Smokz is truly Kansas City and Westport’s one and only true discount smoke and vape shop and we have the same big names in heady glass pipes, vaporizers, e-cigarettes and smoking accessories and supplies that other shops in town have but since we are wholesalers of all things smoking and vaping, we have everything in stock and at prices you won’t find anywhere else. If glass pipes are what you need to put Monday behind you then KC Smokz smoke shop is where you need to be after work. Our smoke shop and head shop has all of the best hand blown and locally made glass pipes, metal pipes and even wood pipes in all shapes, colors, styles and sizes for every type of herbal smoker in KC. Whether you need a dab rig, hookah, chillum or you need a good old-fashioned water pipe, KC Smokz has everything an herbal smoker could ever need including parts and accessories for your pipe should you need them. While most smoke shops and head shops in Kansas City only stock replacement parts and accessories for the glass pipes that they sell, KC Smokz smoke shop has got every size of dab nails, titanium nail, carb cap, pipe screen, glass pipe joints and stems and more all at prices that kick ass all day, everyday. For vapers, KC Smokz is a full service vape shop with the best and latest in all things vaping like e-cigarette starter kits as well as any and every type of vape mod and vaping accessory you could ever need to put Monday behinds you so that you can get on with your week. If you simply need to stock up on vape juice after work, stop into KC Smokz and check out Kansas City’s best selection of vape liquids and e-liquids from around the world and even some KC made vape juice. No one sells smoking and vaping supplies, accessories and devices for less in Kansas City or Westport and KC Smokz smoke shop, vape shop and head shop has got everything you’ll need to put the weekend behind you, make Monday go away and keep more cash in your pocket. KC Smokz smoke shop is located at 3957 Broadway Blvd in the heart of Kansas City, Westport. Stop by and see us today!

KC Smokz Smoke Shop and Vape Shop in Kansas City – Westport

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Kansas City, MO 64111

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