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The best selection on oil extractors / nectar collector in Kansas City

oil extractor is one the main booming glass accory which have high demand in colorado and washington area . in dabbers world its called as honey extractor. which is mainly used to extract wax from dry herbs . honey nector collector comes in wide range starting at 18 inch to all the way down to 6 inches. depends on the quantity of herb you have . most of the dablife users try micro mini nector collector as its easy to carry and use as needed.all you need a nector collector with titanium nail and a higly refined butane gas. there are several types of butane in market with 3x , 5x, 7x ,9x and 12x numbers represent how many times its more purified . zero impurities is the better one to use to collect nector which doesnt produce that much butane smell.

nector collector

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