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If you are looking for a one-stop smoke shop in Kansas City then you need to stop by KC Smokz at 39th and Broadway in Westport. At KC Smokz smoke and vape shop we are all about smoking and vaping and each week we add new pipes, vapes, e-liquids, hookahs and more to our already enormous selection and this week is no different. Whether you are just wanting to kick back and chill out this weekend or perhaps heading out to Arrowhead to watch the Chiefs, if you are a smoker or vaper, KC Smokz smoke and vape shop has got everything you’ll need to make the first weekend of fall the very best!

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If you are an herbal smoker in KC, our smoke shop has everything you need from the latest glass pipe designs including heady dab rigs, ash catchers and chillums to the latest dry herbal vaporizers, KC Smokz has got whatever you’ll need to take your smoke along with you this weekend and GET YOUR SMOKE ON! If you love e-cigarettes and you need to stock up for the weekend on vape liquids, KC Smokz is a full service vape shop with the best premium and discount e-liquids from the best vapor makers from around the world. If you’ve been thinking about buying a hookah pipe that can serve up smoke to all of your guests at your next party, stop into KC Smokz smoke shop for the best selection of hookahs and shisha (hookah tobacco) in Kansas City at the best prices around. Plus, KC Smokz smoke shop has everything you’ll need to your current pipe, e-cig or vape in good shape just in time for the weekend like glass pipe joints, dab/titanium nails, replacement vape coils, vaporizers mods, pipe screens and more that are prices low, low, low to make your weekend even better. At KC Smokz smoke shop and vape shop we don’t care what you smoke or vape because at our shop we don’t judge you. We just want to help you find the perfect smoking and vaping accessories for the best price in Kansas City and Westport. Stop by KC Smokz smoke and vape shop this weekend at 39th and Broadway in the heart of Kansas City (Westport) and have a wonderful first weekend of fall! Go Chiefs!

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We need to mention that after September 29th KC Smokz smoke shop and vape shop will no longer be offering the sale of Kratom or any kratom related products. We apologize for the inconvenience but unfortunately Kratom will not allowed to be sold anywhere. KC Smokz smoke shop has discounted all of its Kratom products to clearance prices so stock up before it is all gone.

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