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Summer Smoke Shop in Kansas City


Even though Kansas City is in the middle of another heat wave, KC Smokz smoke shop on Broadway is open and ready to help you chill out with the best selection of smoking and vaping devices and accessories for less. Whether you are heading out to the pool or just chilling out in the shade in the backyard, KC Smokz smoke shop on Broadway has everything you’ll need to GET YOUR SMOKE AND VAPE ON for the summer with the best selection of smoking accessories at the best prices in Kansas City. Since remodeling our smoke shop a few months back, KC Smokz has added hundreds of new glass pipes, dab rigs, water pipes, hookahs and smoking pipes that will no doubt make you say WOW. Our walls of heady glass is unlike any other smoke shop in the city because only do we have more glass pipes than anywhere else in Kansas City but we also sell them all for less.


But if glass pipes aren’t your thing and vaping is more your style, KC Smokz smoke shop has got all of the latest vaporizer kits as well as a full line of e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes mods and e-liquids always in stock and at wholesale prices. Unlike other smoke shop and head shops in Westport and Kansas City, KC Smokz offers discount pricing to our customers on all of our smoking and vaping accessories at our store in Kansas City and we literally sell the exact same pipes, vapes and e-cigs for less. Plus, KC Smokz smoke shop can create the perfect vaping experience for you by helping you create your very own custom vape juice right here in our smoke shop on Broadway. Choose from hundreds of flavor combinations and make your nicotine levels just right so that you can puff like a pro during the summer heat wave in KC. If you need those little things that make smoking and vaping even better KC Smokz smoke shop has rolling papers, digital scales, pipe screens, pipe cleaners and more and we always have them in all sizes no matter what you smoke or how you like to smoke it in stock and ready to roll wherever you go this summer. KC Smokz smoke shop on Broadway is Kansas City’s one stop shop for all things smoking and vaping in KC and our selectuion and prices simply cannot be beat by other smoke shops. Stop by Kansas City’s best discount smoke shop at 39th and Broadway in Westport and GET YOUR SUMMER SMOKE ON for less at KC Smokz!

KC Smokz Smoke Shop in Kansas City – Westport

3957 Broadway Blvd

Kansas City, MO 64111

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