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It can hard to get vertical on a Monday morning in Kansas City but the good news is that you can always stop by KC Smokz smoke shop on Broadway on your lunch hour or after work and GET YOUR SMOKE ON for less. Our smoke shop and head shop is always fully stocked with the highest quality glass pipes, vaporizers, e-cigarettes and smoking accessories all prices way below other Kansas City area smoke shops and we are open 7 days a week (even Mondays). Whether you are just an occasional smoker or vaper or you like to make it a daily habit and smoking and vaping experts at KC Smokz smoke shop on Broadway in Kansas City can help you find the perfect smoking pipe like dab rigs, water pipes, ash catchers, hookahs, chillums, sherlocks and more and all at the lowest prices in KC. No matter how big or small of a smoking pipe you are looking for you will no doubt find the perfect glass, wood or hand blown glass pipes that suits your individual smoking tastes at our smoke shop in Kansas City.

Head Shop in Kansas City


From the latest heady glass pipes from Lookah, Cream and Grav Labs to more affordable pieces like glass one hitter and chillum pipes, you can rest assured that when you want to GET YOUR SMOKE ON on a Monday or any day of the week, KC Smokz smoke shop on Broadway has got you covered with the best selection of pipes at the best price in Kansas City and Westport. At KC Smokz smoke shop and head shop, we know that not everyone digs heady glass which is why we also carry all of the best vaporizer kits including vape pens and the top rated e-cigarettes in the world. Plus, KC Smokz smoke shop on Broadway has the top rated vape liquids in all flavors and nicotine levels so you can have the perfect vaping experience to get you through the week. If you need something a little more unique to vape, KC Smokz smoke shop can create custom vape juice with just the right amount of flavor and nicotine to keep your vape on all week long. KC Smokz smoke shop on Broadway is always ready to help you find the prefect glass pipe, vape, e-cigs and smoking and vaping accessories and we simply sell it all for less in Kansas City. Stop by our Kansas City smoke shop at 39th and Broadway in Westport and let’s get the week started off right!

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