Wide variety of Glass Pipes/Water Pipes in kcsmokz

Wide Variety on Glass Pipes / Water pipes at kcsmokz

Glass pipes were not really common until a few years ago. Back then, usually people used a metal or a wood pipe. Glass pipes are now a favorite thing for smokers because the smoke tastes a bit cleaner and crispier through them. Also, glass pipes do not get hot easily compared to metal pipes, are see through, very easy to clean and are available in various designs and color. Some of them are hand blown and made into a beautiful art piece. It takes a little bit practice to get used to, but once you make the switch you may never go back.



1. Fill the glass pipe with water.

2. Load the bowl with a small amount of tobacco.

3. Cover the carb, the small hole on the side of the pipe, with your thump.

4. Light the tobacco and continue inhaling until you feel the smoke.

Using Screen:

If the hole in your bowl piece is pretty big, you might want to use an extra screen. Screens are sold at KC SMOKZ at 3957 Broadway BLVD Kansas City 64111. They keep your tobacco from falling through into the pipe. Using a screen can prevent your pipe from getting dirty and tobacco from getting sucked into your mouth.



Glass pipes can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and some salt. To get started, mix the rubbing alcohol with maybe two or three teaspoons of salt. Stir them together in some sort of container or cup, and then place your glass pipes in it and let them soak. The alcohol will loosen the bonds of the tobacco resin to the pipe, while the salt acts as kind of a gritty scrubber to remove the junk without damaging the pipe.

When it comes to glass pipes, no smoke shop in Kansas City can challenge the inventory of KCSMOKZ (3957 Broadway BLVD Kansas City 64111). KC SMOKZ has glass pipes ranging from $10 to a couple of grants. For the first customers KC SMOKZ at 3957 Broadway BLVD Kansas City 64111 offers 10% discount. Does that make you feel good before hitting this holiday season?