Wide variety of shisha at KcSmokz

Wide variety of Shisha @ KcSmokz , Westport, Kansas City

shisha most commonly known as hookah tobacco comes in small and large cans available in wide variety of flavors.  shisha is tobacco soaked in honey or molasses with added flavors for a present smoking experience. shisha when used in hookahs, the flavor can last up to hours. Shisha is placed in the funnel shaped clay pot on top of the hookah and cover with aluminum foil. Shisha comes is variety of flavors most common are, strawberry, peach, and cinnamon apple. At KcSmokz you will find all the mentioned flavors are more in wide variety of sizes from multiple manufactures.We are always running specials on hookahs; with up to 30% off we can assure you the best prices on all the hookahs. Hookah smoking is gaining popularity in the United States as it a great way to spend time with friends and families. A hookah can have up to 5 tubes coming out of the pot,  so up to 5 people can enjoy smoking it at a given time. This feature makes it a good time pass device. As it’s getting cold outside come to kcsmokz to get a wide verity of hookahs and shishas. We carry all the popular brands of shisha including Starbuzz and Al-Fakher . KcSmokz prices on shisha and hookahs are the best in Kansas City. KcSmokz have to best variety and selection of hookahs and shishas guaranteed.

Starbuzz hookah tobacco at KcSmokz