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April 20th (420) has a special meaning for herbal smokers and in the Kansas City and Westport area there’s no better place to kick off a day of smoking and toking than KC Smokz smoke shop at 3957 Broadway in KC. Let’s face it, herbal smoking is kind of a big deal in Kansas City and (thanks to the decriminalization law that recently passed) smoking and vaping is only going to get bigger and there’s no better day than 4/20 to do it and no better place for the pipes, vapes, e-cigs and smoking accessories than KC Smokz smoke shop in Westport. Whether you are an old school herbal smoker or you are living the dab life and need a good wax vaporizer or dab rig, KC Smokz smoke shop in Westport has got Kansas City area smokers and vapers covered on 420 with the best and latest pipes, vaporizers, and smoking supplies they need to make April 20th unlike any other smoking day this year.

Smoke Shop in Kansas City and Westport

Kansas-City-Westport-smoke-shop-head-shopFor old school smokers that love a good, reliable glass pipe, KC Smokz smoke shop has hundreds of them in stock for every style of smoker there is. Whether you want the biggest, baddest glass bongs for your 420 party or you simply need a good, solid glass chillum pipe that fits in your pocket or purse, KC Smokz smoke shop has got every type of pipe for every type of herbal smoker in Kansas City and every budget as well. Contrary to what other smoke shops and head shops in Kansas City might tell you, KC Smokz smoke shop DOES NOT stock cheap, smoke-shop-glass-pipes-head-shop-vape-shop-Kansas-Cityknock-off heady glass pipes. Oh no, we carry the best and latest glass pipes, glass bongs, dab rigs, bubbler pipes and smoking pipes from the top rated names in the business like Dank Glass, Lookah, Grav Labs, Crown Glass, American Glass and many more all hand blown in the USA and no one sell them for less in Kansas City and Westport. If you want to GET YOUR SMOKE ON for 420 but like the convenience of a vaporizer then KC Smokz smoke shop has exactly what you need with our selection of dry herb and wax/concentrate vaporizers from the top rated names in vaping like Pax and Firefly. KC Smokz has everything you will need if you need to stock up on e-cigarettes, vape juice or even if you just need to find e-cigarette mods for your current e-cig all in stock and at everyday low prices that can’t be beat in KC. No matter what kind of herbal smoker you are in Kansas City, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this 420 in KC will be unlike any previous ones because herb is here and it’s here to stay. If you need glass pipes, vaporizers, e-cigs and anything and everything to do with smoking and vaping in Westport or anywhere in the Kansas City area stop by KC Smokz smoke shop and head shop at 3957 Broadway today! We are open 7 days a week and evenings so stop by. Happy 420, Kansas City!

KC Smokz is Kansas City’s Discount Smoke Shop, Vape Shop and Head Shop in Westport!

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