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For many smokers and vapers in Kansas City, it’s a long holiday weekend and the good news is that KC Smokz smoke shop and head shop at 3957 Broadway in Westport is open all weekend long! Whether you are a casual weekend smoker or vapers or you are more hardcore and power your way through the week, KC Smokz smoke shop has you covered with the best and latest smoking and vaping devices, supplies and accessories all under one roof and at prices that can’t be beat in Kansas City or Westport.

Smoke Shop and Head Shop in Kansas City and Westport

If you are an old school smoker and appreciate a good, heady glass pipe you are going to fall in love at KC Smokz smoke shop and head shop glass-pipes-heady-glass-smoke-shop-in-KC-Kansas-Citybecause we have walls of the best glass pipes, bongs, hookahs, dab rigs, bubblers, chillums and even good old wooden pipes all in stock in every style and size you could ever need for a long weekend in KC. At KC Smokz smoke shop in Westport, we carry what Kansas City smoker love at discounted prices you won’t find anywhere else like Dank Glass, Lookah, Crown Glass and glass-pipes-vaporizers-ecigarettes-smoke-shop-in-Kansas-Citymany other big name glass pipe makers that are top-notch in the industry. Even if you have never bought a glass pipes before, don’t worry, our smoke shop staff can help you find exactly what you are looking for so that your herbal smoking will be perfect every time you decide to blaze up. If you already own your favorite glass pipe or hookah but could use replacement parts or upgrade, KC Smokz smoke shop has you covered with everything from hookah accessories to dab nails and butane torches all in stock in every size and price range that will make your spring weekend that much better. If vaping is what you do on the weekends (or all week for that matter) then KC Smokz has got all of the vaporizers, e-cigarettes, vape pens, vape juice and even vape mods in stock and ready to help you chase the cloud all weekend long. Even is you just need to stock up on e-liquids for the holiday weekend, you won’t find premium vape liquids like Liquid State, Cosmic Fog, and Space Jam at any other vape shop in Kansas City for less than KC Smokz. Our smoke shop is the low price leader in Kansas City and Westport for quality pipes, vapes, e-cig and smoking accessories at a fraction of the cost that other head shops and vape shops offer. Stop by KC Smokz located at 3957 Broadway in the heart of Kansas City this weekend (or anytime) and have a great weekend!

KC Smokz is Kansas City’s Discount Smoke Shop, Vape Shop and Head Shop in Westport!

KC Smokz Smoke Shop and Vape Shop in Kansas City – Westport

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