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If your a smoker or vaper and are planning the ultimate Chiefs watch party this afternoon, stop in to KC Smokz smoke shop, head shop and vape shop at 39th and Broadway in Westport. We have everything you’ll need to make sure everyone at your Chiefs party can puff and cheer their way onto beating those pesky Raiders at prices that won’t jack up your weekend!

Smoke Shop and Head Shop in Kansas City and Westport


If herbal smoking is on your docket for today’s game, KC Smokz smoke shop has plenty of options for you all in smoke-shop-head-shop-vape-shop-Kansas-City-Westportstock at everyday low prices that simply can’t be beat anywhere in Kansas City or Westport. KC Smokz has hundreds of glass pipes in stock including some pipes so big that you’ll need someone to help you light them. Plus, our smoke shop has tons of hookahs and hookah tobacco (shisha) in stock that can have multiple people at your
watch party puffing away without missing a beat. Plus, if dabbing is on your agenda for this lovely Sunday in Kansas City, KC Smokz has got all of the concentrate pipes, dab nails, butane torches, carb caps, titanium nails and more all at prices that everyday smokers can afford. Want to take your herbal smoking along with you wherever you go this Sunday? KC Smokz has got tons of dry herbal vaporizers and vape pens in stock that are perfect for putting in your pocket and getting on with your day off in herbal bliss. Plus, if you need vape mods, e-liquids, replacement coils or batteries for you e-cigarette, KC Smokz is your one stop Sunday vape shop featuring anything and everything you could possibly need including premium and locally made vape juice that will keep your vape game strong without costing you a ton cash. KC Smokz also stocks tons of tobacco products including the best prices on cigarettes in Westport as well as all of the little things you might need like digital scale, glass pipe parts, glass pipe cleaner, hookah accessories and more and no other smoke shop or vape shop in Kansas City sells them for less. When the Chiefs are playing the Raiders, it tends to get little bit louder in KC but since it is an away game why not stop in to KC Smokz smoke shop and vape shop and get the party started right! Our smoke and vape shop is located just north of 39th and Broadway in the heart of Kansas City: Westport! Have a great weekend and GO CHIEFS!

KC Smokz Smoke Shop and Vape Shop in Kansas City – Westport

3957 Broadway Blvd

Kansas City, MO 64111

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