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There are plenty of great things going on in Kansas City and Westport this week with the Royals starting spring training and the weather being so spring-like! It’s a great time to get yourself outdoors and if your are a smoker or vaper in Kansas City your weekend should start at KC Smokz smoke shop and vape shop on Broadway in Westport.

Smoke Shop in Westport Kansas City

We have everything you need to GET YOUR WEEKEND SMOKE ON including the best deals in Westport on heady glass vape-shop-smoke-shop-Kansas-City-Westportincluding water pipes, bubblers, glass chillums, hookahs, dab rigs and some of the most beautiful hand blown glass pieces from Cream glass pipes. If you love to vape then you will LOVE our selection of vape pens, vape juices, and vaporizer kits all priced far below the other so called Westport vape shops. Plus, KC Smokz also carries hundreds of different vape liquids, vape oils and e-liquids including custom vape juice that you can create and we will make right here in our store. If you are more of a crossover vaper, then will love the Snoop Dogg dry herb vaporizer and only KC Smokz smoke shop and vape shop has got it for less. It doesn’t matter whether you like to puff the heady glass or vape, KC Smokz smoke shop, head shop and vape shop on Broadway in Westport has got you covered with the best selection of smoking acessories and vaping accessories all for less in Kansas City! We recently remodeled our smoke shop and have added hundreds of glass pipes to our walls so stop in and check it out! We are located at 3957 Broadway Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64114 so stop in and GET YOUR WEEKEND SMOKE ON!

KC Smokz Westport Smoke Shop, Head Shop and Vape Shop

3957 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111

(816) 656-5090
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