Hookah Pipes in Kansas City and Westport

Hookahs and hookah smoking is one of the oldest form of water pipe smoking known to man.  The first known instance of hookahs appearing in history was around the year 1560 when a Persian poet mentioned the use of hookahs and shisha (hookah tobacco) in writing.  The process of smoke-shop-head-shop-hookahs-Westport-Kansas-Citymaking and smoking hookah pipes has evolved in design and the materials used to manufacture hookahs but the idea is still the same. Hookahs are truly the first water pipe and smoking device to spread throughout the world. Today, the ancient hookah smokers would be amazed at how hookah pipes and shisha have changed but the simple premise of pulling herbal smoke through a water pipe is still the same.  KC Smokz smoke shop and head shop in Westport has Kansas City’s best selection of hookahs and hookah tobacco at the lowest prices. From small hookah pipes for just one person or big hookahs with multiple hoses for group hookah smoking, KC Smokz has got all of the hookahs and hookah accessories Kansas City smokers are looking for for less. Stop by Kansas City and Westport’s discount hookah shop and GET YOUR SMOKE ON FOR LESS! 

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